Welcome to Doncaster Groupspace.

The most cost effective way to get your group on the net.

Here at Doncaster Groupspace we understand the true importance of an internet presence for every group, charity and organisation. People have grown to expect groups to have a website and online activities. At groupspace we also appreciate the tight, sometimes, non existent budgets that not for profit organisations have to work with.

The cost of employing a professional web designer can run into tens of thousands of pounds for an all singing, all dancing site and even the most simplest of sites start from around £250, with the added administration costs on top. Understandably, many groups, societies and organisations simply cannot afford or indeed justify the expense of having a website built and choose to leave the idea on the shelf.

Doncaster Groupspace is a creation that provides your group with the much needed assistance you will require to obtain your very own slice of the web. The concept is incredibly straight forward and hassle free as all the administration is provided completely free of charge by us for the full duration of the hosting. You provide the text content and pictures in one document and within just a few hours you will have your very own mini-site with your very own url.

You get all this for the special introductory price of £85 per year with no hidden charges!

Better still, if you are a registered charity, you get 15% off your first year and 10% off thereafter.

Click on the ‘sample page’ tab above to see what a mini-site with us looks like, then go to our contact page and get in touch to discuss your ‘unique’ needs.

Doncaster Groupspace, fully committed to your success.






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